Estonian National Symphony Orchestra – Peer Gynt (Grieg) (C13)

1 No. 1 At The Wedding (Prelude To Act I)
2 No. 2 Halling
3 No. 4 The Abduction Of The Bride
4 No. 6 Peer Gynt And The Woman In Green
5 No. 7 “You Can Tell Great Men By The Style Of Their Mounts!”
6 No. 3 Springar
7 No. 8 In The Hall Of The Mountain King
8 No. 9 Dance Of The Mountain King’s Daughter
9 No. 12 The Death Of Ase (Prelude To Act III)
10 No. 13 Morning Mood (Prelude To Act IV)
11 No. 15 Arabian Dance
12 No. 16 Anitra’s Dance
13 No. 17 Peer Gynt’s Serenade
14 No. 19 Solveig’s Song
15 No. 20 Peer Gynt At The Statue Of Memnon
16 No. 21 Peer Gynt’s Homecoming / Stormy Evening On The Sea (Prelude To Act V)
17 No. 22 The Shipwreck
18 No. 23 Solveig Sings In The Hut
19 No. 25 Whitsun Hymn: ‘O Blessed Morning’
20 No. 26 Solveig’s Cradle Song


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