Chinese Classical Music (Box set 6CD) (C37)

1. Chu Shang(Chime bells from Marquis Yi’s tomb and Orchestra)
2. For Thoses Fallen for Their Country(Xun and Qin)
3. Flowing Water(Qin solo)
4. Qu Yuan Asking Way at the Freey Crossing(Chime Bells of Marqius Yi and Orchestra)
5. Chu Song(Xun and Orchestra)
6. 18 Beats on the Hujia(Qin and song)
7. The Elegant Orchid in Jieshi Tune(Chime bells and Orchestra)
8. Three Variations on the Plum(Qin solo)
9. Wine Frolic(Qin solo)
10. Guangling Tune(Qin solo)
11. Pecture of Primitive Hunting(Bone-whistle and Orchestra)
1. Bird Singing in Spring(Ensemble)
2. Drinking Music(String-pluched ensemble)
3. Spreading Golden Sand(Ensembel of Chinese musical instruments)
4. Prelude of Dance Music of Imperial Palace(Ensemble)
5. Three Variations at Yngguan Pass(Qin solo)
6. Bodhisattva-like Barbarians(song)
7. Li Sao(Qin solo)
8. Flowers and Jade Trees at Back Courtyard(song)
9. Wang Zhaojun(Zheng ensemble)
10. Poplars and Willows in Spring(Silk string ensemble)
11. Rowing Dragon Boar(Bamboo flute solo)
12. Dance of Playing Swords(Zheng solo)
13. Drunkard(Silk string ensemble)
14. Vast Desert(Bili and Orchestra)
15. Battles Music for King Qin’s Army(Chime bells and chorus)
1. Xiaoxiang’s Waters and Clouds(Qin solo)
2. Plums by the Ge River(Ensemble)
3. Shadows of Apricot Blossoms(Song with title of ci tune)
4. Jade Plum Blossoms(Ensemble)
5. for the Red Dress(Ensembel)
6. Short Drinking Music in Shang Mode(Song with title of ci tune)
7. Delicate Fragrance(Ensemble)
8. Scattered Shadows(Ensemble)
9. Ritual Songs for Yue:Chu Tune on Emperor Shun(Song with title of ci tune)
10. Jiao Shao(Ensemble)
11. Zhi Shao(Ensemble)
12. Song of Yangzhou in Andante(Song with title of ci tune)
13. Sorrows of Paring(Ensemble)
14. Ritual Song for Yue–Yue Xiang Ce Shang Tune(Song with title of ci tune)
15. Light Yellow Willows(Ensemble)
16. Green Pavilion Chant(Song with title of ci tune)
17. Lovely Melody(Ensemble)
18. Autumn Night Chant(Song with title of ci tune)
19. Ancient Lament(Ensemble)
20. The Immortal of Stone Lake(Ensemble)
1. Vulture Catches Swan(Pipa solo)
2. Oriole Singing(Qin,xiao and pipa)
3. Crow Croaking at Night–Pomegranate(Qin song)
4. Ancient Music of the Naxi Nationality–Suite of Baisha Xiyue(Orchestra and voices)
5. The Injustice Done to Dou E(Qin ,xiao and pipa)
6. The “West Chamber Story in Multiple Modes”By Dong Xieyuan(Two Arias)
7. The Old Stories in the Tianbao Period in Multiple Modes–Repreimanding Concubine Yang at Mawei(Two Arias)
8. Frengyu Xiangsheng Huolang Dan–Jiu Zhuan Huolang’er(Three Arias)
9. Recalling the Past at Tongguan Pass(Scattered tune of Yuan Dynasty)
10. A Comprehensive Record of Affairs–Wishing to be in Double(Changzhuan)
11. Autumn Meditation–Banquet at the Parting Pavilion(Scattered tune of Yuan Dynasty)
12. Maiden’s Grievance–Green Skirt(Scattered tune of Yuan Dynasty)
13. Inscriptions to the West Lake(Scattered tun of Yuan Dynasty)
14. The Injustice Done to Dou E–Killing Dou E(Aria from Yuan Drama)
1. Autumn Meditation at Dongting Lake(Qin, xiao and erhu)
2. Sunny Spring(Qin solo)
3. Fishing Tune(Qin solo)
4. Concubines Xiang’s Sorrow(Qin solo)
5. Dressing Table(Xiao and Orchestra)
6. Wearing Orchid(Qin solo)
7. Chao Yuan Song(Ensemble)
8. Crow Croaking at Night(Qin solo)
9. Tune of Happy Evening(Qin solo)
10. Stroy of Pipa–Eating Chaff(Aria of Southern Drama)
11. Tale of Washing Dress–Encirclement(Aria of Kunqu Opera)
12. Tale of Emerald Hairpin–Overtones(Aria of Kunqu Opera)
13. Wuxiake Muqam–the First Dastan Inerlude from the Eighth Muqam Siute(Song and Dance music)
1. Dragon Chanting in the Vast Sea(Ensemble)
2. Wild Goose on the Peaceful Beach(Qin solo)
3. Rembering of the Xiao Performance on the Phoenix Platform(Qin song)
4. Lyrics on Autumn Wind(Double-pipe solo)
5. Banqiao Pouring Out His Feelings(Qin song)
6. Walking on the Street(Silk and bamboo ensemble)
7. Reference to the Strings–A Cluster of Clear Tones(Ensemble)
8. Conqueror Xiang Yu’s Triumphant Return(Pipa solo)
9. Deep Night(Jinghu and Orchestra)
10. Ambush All Around(Pipa solo)”
11. References to the Strings–Sixteen Beats(Ensemble)


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