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1812 Overture (Tchaikovsky) (C24)
1812 Wellingtons Victory (Tchaikovsky) (C25)
20th Anniversary Chesky Records (2CD) (M31)
20 Years of Narada Piano (2CD) (A145)
2002 – Across an Ocean of Dreams (A14)
2002 – Christmas Dreams (A17)
2002 – Land of Forever (A41)
2002 – River Of Stars (A42)
2002 – The Sacred Well (A43)
2002 – This Moment Now (A44)
30 years’ fidelity (M32)
2003 Sampler (Diversity Records) (M12)
2007 The Greatest Hit Song (China Various Artists – Mandarin) (M118)


A Celtic Heartbeat Christmas (A1)
ABBA – ABBA Gold (P1)
ABBA – Super Trouper (P2)
A Collection Of Masterpieces In Ancient Chinese Music (C119)
Acoustic Alchemy – Arcanum (A147)
Accustic Arts – All you can hear (M13)
Acoustic Mania – Talking Hands (J83)
Acoustic Solutions Ninth Edition (M14)
Air – 10000 Hz Legend (P77)
Al Bano & Romina Power – Love Songs (P79)
Alkæmy – The Merlin Mystery (A148)
Alla Pugacheva – Po Ostrim Iglam Yarkogo Ognya (P3)
Alla Pugacheva – Зеркало Души (2CD) (P4)
Alla Pugacheva – Арлекино и Другие (P5)
Albert Ayler – Spiritual Unity (J1)
Alex Naar – Mojito: Cool Summer Salsa (Avalon)(P6)
AMO – Interlude (XRCD) (J2)
AMO – Songs from the heart of love (XRCD) (J3)
Amsterdam Guitar Trio – Two Men and a Lady (A52)
Amsterdam Guitar Trio – Vivaldi – The Four Seasons (Guitar version) (C1)
An Music Collection In Four Dynasties (XRCD) (A27)
Andrea Bocelli – The Opera Album Aria (C121)
Andres Segovia – Guitar recital (A28)
Andres Segovia – The Segovia Collection (4CD) (A29)
Andrew Lloyd Webber – Divas (M15)
Anggun – Snow On The Sahara (P84)
Anne Sophie Mutter – Vivaldi – Le Quattro Stagioni (C2)
Anne Sophie Mutter – Simply (C122)
Anne-Sophie Mutter & Lambert Orkis – The Violin Sonatas (Mozart) (4CD) (C29)
Armstrong&Ellington – The First Time (J4)
Arne Domnerus – Jazz at the Pawnshop I (J5)
Arne Domnerus – Jazz at the Pawnshop II (J6)
Arne Domnerus – Jazz at the Pawnshop III (J7)
Art Tatum – The Tatum Group Masterpieces Vol 1 (J76)
Art Tatum – The Tatum Group Masterpieces Vol 2 (J77)
Art Tatum – The Tatum Group Masterpieces Vol 3 (J78)
Art Tatum – The Tatum Group Masterpieces Vol 4 (J79)
Art Tatum – The Tatum Group Masterpieces Vol 8 (J80)
Audiophile Bossa Voices I (Brazilian Love Tracks) (J110)
Audiophile Bossa Voices II (Brazilian Love Tracks) (J111)
Audiophile Female Voices II (M33)
Audiophile Male Voice (M34)
Audiophile Reference II-Popular music(M16)
Audiophile reference III (FIM) (M35)
Audiophile reference IV (FIM) (M36)
Audio STAX – Electrostatic Headphones Demo Disc (M119)
Audiophile Test CD 2007 (M17)
Audiophile Voicings Vol 3 – Yan Guang Cui (C26)
Audio’s Audiophile Vol 1 – Voices And Instruments [Gold CD] (M37)
Audio’s Audiophile Vol 2 – Bass Power [Gold CD] (M38)
Audio’s Audiophile Vol 4 – Vocal Heroes [Gold CD] (M39)
Audio’s Audiophile Vol 5 – Ebony And Ivory [Gold CD] (M40)
Ayub Ogada – En Mana Kuoyo (P85)


B&W – Very audiophile new recordings (M41)
B&W Audiophile Recordings Vol 1 (M42)
B&W Audiophile Recordings Vol 2 (M43)
Balalaika Favorites (A2)
Banco de Gaia – Last Train to Lhasa (CD3) [Limited Edition] (A149)
Batiashvilli – Sibelius, Lindberg Violin Concertos (C128)
Bành Phương (彭芳) – Beauty Duel 1(未知标题) (CJ1)
Bành Phương (彭芳) – Beauty Duel 2(纯色角2) (CJ2)
Bành Phương (彭芳) – Beauty Duel 3(纯色角3芳妆甜容) (CJ3)
Bành Phương (彭芳) – Beauty Duel 4(纯色角4芳音流转) (CJ4)
Bành Phương (彭芳) – Beauty Duel 5(纯色角5) (CJ5)
Beautiful Female Voice II (M44)
BeeGees – Their Greatest Hits-The Record (2CD) (P22)
Benedetti Michelangeli – Grieg & Schumann &Liszt (C3)
Ben Webster – At The Renaissance (J84)
Berlin Orchestra, Eugen Jochum – Carmina Burana (Carl Orff) (C11)
Best audiophile voices collection I (M1)
Best audiophile voices collection II (M2)
Best audiophile voices collection III (M3)
Best audiophile voices collection IV (M4)
Best audiophile voices collection V (M5)
Best Of Chesky Jazz And More Audiophile Tests Vol 1 (M45)
Best Of Chesky Jazz And More Audiophile Tests Vol 2 (M46)
Best Of Chesky Jazz And More Audiophile Tests Vol 3 (M47)
Best Seller Classic No 1 (ClearAudio) (C27)
Bill Evans – Everybody Digs (J85)
Bill Evans Trio – Portrait in Jazz (XRCD) (J187)
Bing Crosby – White Christmas (P82)
Blues Brothers – The Original Soundtrack (J75)
Blues Company – …Blues, Ballads & Assorted Love Songs (J113)
Bob Dylan – Greatest Hits (R4)
Bob Dylan – John Wesley Harding (R12)
Bond – Born (A46)
Bond – Classified (A47)
Bond – Explosive – The Best Of Bond (A48)
Bond – Remixed (A49)
Bond – Shine (A50)
Boney M – The Most Beautiful Christmas Songs Of The World (P31)
Bon Jovi – Cross Road (R66)
Bose Wave Music System Demonstration CD (M94)
Brendel – Schubert Piano Works (box set 7CD) (C30)
Bossa Nova For Lovers (J8)
Bowers & Wilkins with Real World Records (M18)
Brian Wilson – What I Really Want For Christmas (P32)
British Music on Lyrita from Quad (C31)
Britney Spears – Circus (Deluxe Edition) (P33)
Buena Vista Social Club – At Carnegie Hall (2CD) (P78)
Burmester – Art For The Ear (Vorführungs – CD II) (M95)
Burmester – Art For The Ear (Vorführungs – CD III) (M96)
Buxtehude – Vocal Music Vol. I (C32)


Cafe del Mar – Gary B-Step Into The Sunshine (A24)
Cannonball Adderley with Bill Evans – Know What I Mean (J113)
Carlos Santana – Santana (R28)
Carmen Lundy – Self Portrait (XRCD) (J114)
Carmen Mcrae – As Time Goes By (Live At The Dug) (J9)
Carmen McRae – Carmen McRae’s Finest Hour (J10)
Carol Kidd – Dreamsville (J115)
Carole Cerasi -English Suites (J.S. Bach) (2CD) (C33)
Cecilia Bartoli, Arie Antiche – Se tu m’ami (C9)
Cecilia Bartoli, Harnoncourt – Armida (Joseph Haydn) (2CD) (C241)
Cecilia Bartoli – MARIA (C34)
Cecil Taylor – Unit Structures (Blue Note) (J11)
Celtic Christmas (A3)
Celtic Woman – A New Journey (Deluxe Package) (A51)
Charles Mingus – Blues & Roots (J119)
Charles Mingus – Mingus Ah Um (J12)
Charles Mingus – Pithecanthropus Erectus (J13)
Charles Mingus – The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady (J14)
Charlie Haden – Charlie Haden Liberation Music Orchestra (Impulse!) (J15)
Charlie Haden – Land of The Sun (J120)
Charlie Haden – Nocturn (J121)
Charlie Haden & The Liberation Music Orchestra – Dream Keeper (J16)
Chet – Chet Baker (J17)
Chill With Vivaldi (Vivaldi) (C123)
China’s Kunqu Opera Audio Visual Collection – Liang Gu Yin’s Favorites (C10)
China Various Artists (Pure Music) – Brilliant Music (DSD) (A53)
Chinese Classical Music (Box set 6CD) (C37)
Chinese Lieder – Jingma Fan, Reinild Mees (C38)
Christmas from Wells (C39)
Christmas Songs – Karajan & Price (C4)
Claire Martin – He Never Mentioned Love (SACD) (J86)
Claire Martin – Take My Heart (J116)
Claire Martin – The Waiting Game (J118)
Claire Martin – Too Darn Hot! (SACD) (J117)
Classic FM – Music For Weddings (C35)
Classical 2008 (2CD) (C36)
Closer To The Music vol 1 (Stockfisch Records) (M48)
Closer To The Music vol 2 (Stockfisch Records) (M49)
Compay Segundo – Las Flores de la vida (P27)
Corrinne May – Beautiful Seed (J18)
Corrinne May – Fly Away (J19)
Corrinne May – Safe In A Crazy World (J20)
Creme de la Creme (Gourmet Selections) (J87)
Cyndi Lauper – She’s So Unusual (P7)
Cyndi Lauper – True Colors (P8)


Dan Gibson’s – Secrets Of The Jungle (A4)
Dan Gibson’s Solitudes – Somewhere Over The Rainbow (A54)
Daniel Otsuka – Reiki Healing Touch (A55)
Dave Brubeck Octet (J21)
Dave Brubeck Quartet – At Carnegie Hall (2CD) (J22)
Dave Brubeck Quartet – Jazz impressions of Japan (J23)
Dave Brubeck Quartet – Time In (J24)
Dave Brubeck – Time out (J186)
Dave Holland Quartet – Conference Of The Birds (J25)
Dave Koz and Friend – A Smooth Jazz Christmas (J26)
Dave’s True Story – Simple Twist of Fate (DTS) (J122)
David Bowie – Black Tie White Noise(2CD) (R13)
David Chesky, Romero Lubambo – The New York Chorinhos (J88)
David Lanz – Painting The Sun (A55)
David Lanz – Romantic (A56)
De-Phazz – Plastic Love Memory (J123)
Destiny’s Child – Destiny Fulfilled (P34)
Dexter Gordon – GO! (J27)
Dinah Washington – Blue Gardenia (J28)
Diana Krall – All For You (J124)
Diana Krall – From This Moment On (J125)
Diana Krall – Quiet Nights (J181)
Diana Krall – The Girl In The Other Room (J126)
Diana Krall – The Look of Love (J127)
Diana Ross – Love & Life – The Very Best Of Diana Ross (2CD) (P35)
Diana Krall – When I Look in Your Eyes (J72)
Dietrich Buxtehude Sämtliche Orgelwerke (6CD) (C40)
Dire Straits – Sultans Of Swing (The very best of Dire Straits) (R29)
Django Reinhardt – Django’s Blues (JIP) (J68)
Don Menza & His ’80s Big Band – Burning (J129)
Don Rath Jr – Heart Strings (A57)
Don Ross – Huron Street (A58)
Don Ross – Passion Session (A59)
Duke Ellington, Ray Brown – This One for Blanton (J89)
Dun, Takemitsu, Hayashi – Concertos (C41)
Dynaudio – Accentuations Guitar Impressions (A60)


E.L.O. & Olivia Newton-John – Xanadu (OST) (P36)
Eagles – Hell Freezes Over (R30)
Eagles – Hotel California (DCC) (R1)
Earl Hines – Once Upon A Time (J67 )
Earl Wild – Le Rossignol Eperdu (Reynaldo Hahn) (2CD) (C42)
Edita Gruberova – Joy to the World, Christmas Recital (C43)
Ella Fitzgerald – Classic Jazz CD1 – A-Tisket, A-Tasket (J73)
Ella Fitzgerald – Classic Jazz CD2 – Flying home (J74)
Ella Fitzgerald – Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas [Remastered] (J130)
Ella & Louis – Again (2CD) (J29)
Ella Fitzgerald & Joe Pass… Again (J30)
Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong – For lovers (J31)
Elvis Presley – Christmas Duets (R31)
Elvis Presley – Elvis’ Christmas Album (Japan Paper Sleeve 24 Bit) (R32)
Emanuel AX & Yo-Yo Ma – Cello Sonatas (Rachmaninov, Prokofiev) (C12)
Emi Fujita – Camomile Best Audio (J90)
Emi Fujita – Camomile Blend (J91)
Emi Fujita – Lullaby of Camomile (Live in Singapore 2004) (J131)
Emotional Quotient (B&W) (M19)
Enigma – Alchemist (Best Of) (A61)
Enigma – LSD – Love, Sensuality and Devotion (The Remix Collection DTS) (A62)
Enya – And Winter Came… (P9)
Enya – Amarantine (Special Christmas Edition) (P37)
Enya – Christmas Secrets [EP] (P38)
Enya – Only Time – The Collection [boxset 4CD] (P39)
Eric Clapton – 461 Ocean Boulevard (R33)
Eric Clapton – Unplugged (R34)
Erin Boheme – What Love Is (J132)
Eric Dolphy – Out To Lunch – [Rvg Remaster 1998] (J32)
Eroica Trio – Baroque (C44)
Estatic Fear – Somnium Obmutum (R46)
Estatic Fear – A Sombre Dance (R47)
Esther Ofarims – Esther (XRCD – FIM) (P40)
Estonian National Symphony Orchestra – Peer Gynt (Grieg) (C13)
Eurythmics Live 1983 – 1989 (2CD) (P41)


Fair DSD (M50)
Faith Hill – Joy to The World (P42)
Fausto Papetti – MTV Instrumental History 2000 (A5)
Favorite Chinese Instrumentals (FIM XRCD) (C45)
Fields of Gold – The Best of Sting 1984-1994 (R26)
Focus – Hamburger Concerto [K2-HD] (A63)
Frank Sinatra – My Way-The Best of Frank Sinatra (2CD) (P86)
Frank Sinatra – Nice’n’Easy (MFSL) (P87)
Frank Steiner Jr. – I Ching Symphony (A64)
Fredrika Stahl – Tributaries (J133)
Froehliche Weihnachten! Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noel! (P43)


Gardiner – Handel Water Music, Fireworks Music (C46)
Gershwin – Greatest Hits(C8)
Gheorghe Zamfir – Colors (A162)
Gheorghe Zamfir – The Feeling Of Romance (A163)
Gheorghe Zamfir – The Lonely Shepherd (A164)
Giovanni Marradi – Forever (A67)
Glendon Smith – Pause (Avalon) (A6)
Glenn Gould – The Original Jacket Collection (10CD) (C47 – C56)
Govi – Saffron & Silk (A65)
Gramophone Gold Collection (2CD) (C101)
Gran Concerto Jazz (Verve) (4CD) (J134)
Great Moments of Anne-Sophie Mutter (EMI Classics -3CD) (C14)
Grollo & Capitanata – Reiki Heart (A66)
Grooving Classics, A String & Percussion Fest (C57)
Grover Washington, Jr – Winelight (J135)
Grupo Canto Coral – Es Sol Claro y Luciente (C58)
Guangzhou 2004 Hi End Audio Visual Show (M51)
Guangzhou 2005 Hi End Audio Visual Show (M52)
Guangzhou 2007 Hi End Audio Visual Show (M53)
Guangzhou 2008 Hi End Audio Visual Show (M54)
Guitars At An Exhibition Vol 2 (R14)
Guy & Wells – Going Back To Acoustic (PurePleasure 180g) (J136)


Harry James – Comin’ From A Good Place (J137)
Harry James & His Big Band – The King James Version (J138)
Hayley Westenra – Crystal (Classical Favourites) (C59)
Hazmat Modine – Bahamut (J138)
HDCD Sampler Volume (2 CD) (M6)
HDEND Audiophile Air (2 CD) (M7)
Heinz Sauer – The Journey (J139)
Henry Mancini – Mancini’s Greatest Hits (J140)
Herbert von Karajan – Die Fledermaus (Johann Strauss) (C60)
Herbie Hancock – Gershwin’s World (J71)
Herbie Hancock – River (The Joni letters) (J182)
High-End Audiophile Test Demo CD Marantz 5th Edition – Because music matters (M20)
Hickox, Collegium Musicum 90 – Theresienmesse, Kleine Orgelmesse (Haydn) (C61)
Hifi Heart Music Vol 2 (M97)
High Endition Vol 10 – Girl Talk (M55)
High Endition Vol 11 – Melange (M56)
Higher Octave Music – Evolution 1986-1996 (2CD) (A68)
Hilary Duff – Santa Claus Lane (P44)
Hiroshi Itsuki & Teresa Teng – Dream (CJ10)
Holly Cole Trio – Blame It On My Youth (J92)
Hong Kong 2004 AV Show – The Perfect Sound (M57)
Hong Kong 2005 AV Show – The Perfect Sound (M58)
Hong Kong 2008 AV Show – The Perfect Sound (M59)
Hong Kong Audiophile Greatest Hits (M60)
Huang Jiang Qin – A silent rain (A69)
Huang Jiang Qin – Captivated by southeast of asia (A70)
Huang Jiang Qin – Dong Feng Po (A71)
Huang Jiang Qin – Erhu What Favor (A72)
Huang Jiang Qin – One go (A73)
Huang Jiang Qin – Surinamese minor (A74)
Huang Jiang Qin – The first element Vol 2 (A75)
Huang Jiang Qin – The Past Stay The Same (A76)
Huang Jiang Qin – Who Can Share My Feelings (A77)
Huang Jiang Qin – Yan Hu (A78)
Hugo Audiophile CD II (M61)


Ibrahim Ferrer (Buena Vista Social Club) (P28)
Ikuyo Nakamichi – Piano Concertos Nos.1 & 2 (Chopin) (C61)
Il Divo – The Christmas Collection (P45)
Il Divo – The Promise (P12)
In Existence – Beautiful World (A79)
Inger Marie Gundersen – By myself (J93)
Inger Marie Gundersen – Make This Moment (J141)
Intensive Training – The 2nd Ma Recordings Sampler (M21)


J.C. Bach – Symphonies [4CD] (C62)
Jacintha – Autumn Leaves (J33)
Jacqui Naylor – Jacqui Naylor (J94)
Jacqui Naylor – The Color Five (J95)
Jane Monheit – The Lovers Dreamers And Me (J142)
Jane Monheit – The Very Best Of (J96)
Janine Jansen – Inventions & Partita (Bach) (C63)
Janis Iran – Breaking Silence (Gold) (J143)
Jean-Michel Jarre – En attendant Cousteau (A30)
Jean Michel Jarre – The Concerts In China (A80)
Jean-Michel Jarre – Les Chants Magnetiques (A81)
Jean-Michel Jarre – Revolutions (A82)
Jheena Lodwick – All My Loving (J97)
Jheena Lodwick – Getting To Know You (XRCD) (J144)
Jheena Lodwick – Singing In The Rain (J145)
Jheena Lodwick Vol 2 – Feelings (J146)
Jia Peng Fang – Moonlight (A83)
Jiang Xiao Qing – Breathing Spaces (A84)
Jim Brickman – My Romance (An Evening with Jim Brickman) (A85)
Jim Keltner & Ron Tutt – The Sheffield Lab Drum & Track Disk (XRCD) (M98)
Joanna Wang – Start From Here (SACD Version) (2CD) (J34)
Joey Ramone – Christmas Spirits… In My House (P46)
John Coltrane – A Love Supreme (J35)
John Coltrane – Ballads (Deluxe Edition) (2CD) (J36)
John Coltrane – Coltrane For Lovers (J37)
John Coltrane – Coltrane Plays The Blues (J81)
John Coltrane – Giant Steps (J38)
John Coltrane – My Favorite Things (J39)
John Coltrane – Soultrain (J147)
John Eargle, Delos – Engineer’s Choice (M22)
John Lennon – Imagine (R2)
John Lennon – Mind Games (R55)
John McLaughlin, Paco de Lucia, Al Di Meola – Friday Night in San Francisco (J148)
Josh Groban – Closer [Limited Edition] (P47)
Joshua Redman – Beyond (J149)
J. S. Bach – Violin Concertos, Double Concerto (C5)
Judith Owen – Happy This Way (J150)
Julie London – Lonely Girl-Make Love to Me (J151)
Julius Berger – Birth of the Cello (C64)


Kaoshiung 2008 International Hi-end Show (M62)
Karl Jenkins – Adiemus V (Vocalise) (A31)
Katie Melua – The Katie Melua Collection (P13)
Keiko Matsui – Night Waltz (A86)
Kelly Clarkson – Thankful (P48)
Keren Ann – Not Going Anywhere (P49)
Kevin Kern – Embracing the Wind (A32)
Kevin Kern – Endless Blue Sky (A146)
Kevin Kern – Imagination’s Light (A33)
Kevin Kern – In My Life (A152)
Kevin Kern – In the Enchanted Garden (A153)
Kevin Kern – More than Words-The Best of Kevin Kern (A34)
Kevin Kern – Summer Daydreams (A154)
Kevin Kern – The Winding Path (A35)
Kitaro – An Ancient Journey (2CD) (A87)
Kitaro – An Enchanted Evening (A88)
Kitaro – Ancient (A89)
Kitaro – Astral Voyage (A90)
Kitaro – Best of Kitaro (A165)
Kitaro – Best Of Silk Road (A91)
Kitaro – Cirque Ingenieux (A92)
Kitaro – Dream (A93)
Kitaro – Gaia Onbashira (A94)
Kitaro – Heaven & Earth (A7)
Kitaro – Healing Forest (A95)
Kitaro – Kojiki (A96)
Kitaro – Live in America (A97)
Kitaro – Live in Asia (A98)
Kitaro – Mandala (A99)
Kitaro – Noah’s Ark (A100)
Kitaro – Romantic Ballads (A101)
Kitaro – Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai Vol 1 (A102)
Kitaro – Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai Vol 2 (A103)
Kitaro – Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai Vol 3 (A104)
Kitaro – Shikoku 88 kasho (A105)
Kitaro – Silk Road I(A106)
Kitaro – Silk Road II(A150)
Kitaro – Silk Road IV(A151)
Kitaro – Spiritual Garden(A107)
Kitaro – Tenku (A108)
Kitaro – The Essential Collection XRCD (A8)
Kitaro – The Essential Kitaro (A111)
Kitaro – The Light of the Spirit(A112)
Kitaro – Thinking Of You (A19)
Kitaro – Toward the West (A109)
Kitaro – Tunhuang (110)
Kenny G – Breathless (XRCD) (A9)
Kenny G – Faith – A Holiday Album (A10)
Kenny G – I’m in the Mood for Love (A11)
Kyung Wha Chung – Violin Concertos (Mendelssohn, Bruch) (C15)


LA4 – Just Friends (J152)
Lang Lang – Piano Concerto No2 (Rachmaninov) (C65)
Lang Lang – The Dragon Song (C66)
Lara & Reyes – Navidad (A113)
Laurie Anderson – Life on a String (P50)
Ledisi – Lost & Found (P28)
Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin II (1969) (R35)
Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man (R56)
Leonard Cohen – Live In London 2009 (2CD) (R48)
Leonard Cohen – Live Songs (R49)
Leonard Cohen – More Best Of (R50)
Leonard Cohen – New Skin For The Old Ceremony (R51)
Leonard Cohen – Recent Songs (R57)
Leonard Cohen – Songs From A Room (R58)
Leonard Cohen – Songs of Leonard Cohen (R59)
Leonard Cohen – Ten New Songs (R52)
Leonard Cohen – The Future (R60)
Leonard Cohen – Various Positions (R61)
Lera Auerbach – Preludes & Dreams (C67)
Les plus belles chansons francaises – 1962 (P51)
Les plus belles chansons francaises – 1963 (P52)
Les plus belles chansons francaises – 1964 (P53)
Lily Allen – It’s Not Me, It’s You (P96)
Lin Hai & Friends – Pipa Images II (A114)
Linn Records 2001 (J112)
Lin Yingping – Art of Gu Zheng, Vol 1 (DSD) (A36)
Lin Yingping – Art of Gu Zheng, Vol 2 (DSD) (A37)
Linda Rosenthal – Oh That Stradivarius (C16)
Lionel Richie – Back To Front (P14)
Lionel Richie – Truly – The Love Songs (P23)
Little Black Dress (Cocktail Jazz) (J40)
Living Strings And Living Voices – The Most Beautiful Sounds Of Christmas (M8)
Loreena McKennitt – The Book Of Secrets (P54)
Lorenzo Regazzo – Arie Per Basso (Vivaldi) (C17)
Louis Armstrong – A Portrait Vol 1 (J153)
Louis Armstrong – A Portrait Vol 2 (J154)
Louis Armstrong – A Portrait Vol 3 (J155)
Louis Armstrong – A Portrait Vol 4 (J156)
Lynyrd Skynyrd – 38 Special Christmas (R36)


Maastricht Salon Orchestra – Serenata (C18)
Magdalena Kozena – Enchantment (2CD) (C68)
Mahavishnu Orchestra – The Inner Mounting Flame (J41)
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Watch (R67)
Manhattan Transfer – An Acapella Christmas (P15)
Mannheim Steamroller – Christmas Song (P55)
Marantz High-End Audiophile Test Demo SACD – 1st Edition (M63)
Marantz High-End Audiophile Test Demo SACD – 7th Edition (M99)
Mari Nakamoto – MARI (J157)
Maria Muldaur – Love Wants to Dance (J158)
Mariah Carey – Merry Christmas (P16)
Marilyn Horne – Beautiful Dreamer (C69)
Mark Mancina & Phil Collins – Tarzan OST (P17)
Martina McBride – White Christmas (P56)
Mars Lasar – Christmas from Mars (A12)
Martin Simpson, Wu Man – Music for the Motherless Child (A38)
Masayuki Koga – Eastwind (A115)
Max Lässer’s Ark – A Different Kind Of Blue (A39)
Michael Jackson – Dangerous (P97)
Michael Jackson – King of Pop (Deluxe UK Edition) (3CD) (P24)
Michael Jackson – Off The Wall (P88)
Michael Jackson – The Ultimate Collection (4CD) (P26)
Michael Maxwell – Bach for the bath (Avalon) (C6)
Michel Petrucciani – So What (Best Of) (J184)
McIntosh Audiophile Test Reference (M23)
Mike Oldfield – Guitars (A166)
Miles Davis – Bitches Brew (Legacy Edition 1969) (J42)
Mike Oldfield – Music of the Spheres (UK Special Limited Edition) (2CD) (A116)
Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells (M24)
Min Xiao-Fen – Spring, River, Flower, Moon, Night (A13)
Missa Johnouchi feat Li-Hua Ensemble – Asian Blossoms (A117)
Missa Johnouchi feat Li-Hua Ensemble – Road to Oasis (A118)
Mizuyo Komiya – Color (A119)
Mizuyo Komiya – Lullaby (A120)
Modern Jazz quartet – Fontessa (J43)
Moravec – Nocturnes (Chopin) (2CD) (C73)
Mosaic (Clarinet Quintets By Brahms & Mozart) (C74)
Moscow Cathedral Choir – Missa Mystica, Sacred Hymns & Chants (C75)
Mstislav Rostropovich – Complete Music for Cello and Piano (Beethoven )(2CD) (C19)
Muddy Waters – The Best Of Muddy Waters (J159)
Music for Advent and Christmas (Palestrina)(C80)
Musical Massage – Resonance (A15)
My Funny Valentine – The Rogers & Hart Songbook (M9)


Nakajima Miyuki – Tanpensyu (Overseas Version) (CJ9)
Naim – Pure (M100)
Naim – Sampler 6 (M101)
Naim – The Sampler (M102)
Nana Mouskouri – Falling in love again (P89)
Nana Mouskouri – Nana Mouskouri (P90)
Narada Collection – Grand Piano (2CD) (A167)
Natalie Cole – Holly and Ivy (J160)
National Symphonic Winds – Center Stage (TAS Wilson Audiophile) (C76)
Nature’s Concertos (A121)
Neukomm – Requiem (Mozart) (C77)
Nilson Matta & Friends – Walking With My Bass (J161)
Nora Jones – Come Away With Me (J128)
Norah Jones – Feels Like Home (J185)
Norah Jones – Not Too Late (J98)


Olivia – Fall In Love With Olivia (CJ11)
Olivia Newton-John & Friends – A Celebration In Song (P56)
OPUS3 – TEST CD 4 (M103)
OPUS3 – TEST CD 5 (M104)
Orgelwerke Vol 2 (C78)
Orgelwerke Vol 3 (C79)
Ornette Coleman – Shape of Jazz to Come (J44)
Oscar Peterson – An Oscar Peterson Christmas (J45)
Oscar Peterson – Digital At Montreux (J46)
Oscar Peterson – For Lovers (J47)
Osamu Kitajima – Beyond The Circle (A122)
Otsuka Ai – Kurage Nagareboshi (5th Anniversary Limited Edition) (CJ6)


Pachelbel’s Greatest Hit – The Ultimate Canon (C7)
Paco De Lucia – Antologia (2CD) (A21)
Paco de Lucia – Concierto de Aranjuez (A22)
Paco De Lucia – Cositas Buenas (A23)
Paco De Lucia – Gold (2 CD) (A16)
Pat Metheny – Day Trip (J183)
Patricia Barber – Cafe Blue (J162)
Patricia Barber – Modern Cool (J163)
Patricia Barber – Mythologies (J164)
Patricia Barber – Verse (MFSL) (J165)
Patricia Kaas – Kabaret (P57)
Paul Bley – Open To Love (J48)
Peanuts Holland, Buck Clayton, Charlie Singleton – Club session (JIP) (J99)
Peggy Lee , George Shearing – Beauty and the Beat (J100)
Peng Zhao – King of the HIFI Test vol 2 (M25)
Pepe Romero – Flamenco (P29)
Pharoah Sanders – Karma (J49)
Philip Glass & Cello Octet Conjunto Ibérico – Reflections (A123)
Pink Floyd – A Momentary Lapse of Reason (R37)
Pink Floyd – Division Bell (R15)
Pink Floyd – Echoes-The Best Of Pink Floyd (2CD) (R62)
Pink Floyd – Meddle (MFSL) (R16)
Pink Floyd – The Final Cut (R17)
Pink Floyd – The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (R18)
Pink Floyd – The Wall (MFSL) (2CD) (R5)
Pink Floyd – Zabriskie Point (Deluxe Edition) (2CD) (R19)
Pony Canyon Audiophile Test CD 2002 (M105)
Pure Spirit of Relaxation vol 2 – Calming Temple of Clarity (A40)


Queen – At The Beeb (R20)
Queen – Greatest Hits I (The Platinum Collection) (R3)
Queen – Greatest Hits II (The Platinum Collection) (R6)
Queen – Greatest Hits III (The Platinum Collection) (R7)
Queen – Jazz (R21)
Queen – Live Killers (2CD) (R22)
Queen – Live Magic (R23)
Queen, Paul Rodgers – Return of the Champions (2CD) (R25)


R. Klein & Bjornemyr – Power Of Silence (Pan flute) (A168)
Rainie Yang – Free Gate (CJ7)
Ray Brown Trio – Some of My Best Friends Are Singers (J101)
Ray Brown, Laurindo Almeida – Moolight Serenade (Audiophile Legends) (J102)
Rebecca Pidgeon – The Raven [SACD] (J166)
Rebel Roots – Ted Sirota’s Rebel Souls(J167)
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Live In Hyde Park (2CD) (R63)
Reference Classics – First Sampling (C81)
Reference Recordings – 30th Anniversary Sampler (C82)
Reference Vocal (M64)
Renée Fleming – I Want Magic (C83)
Renée Fleming – Sacred Songs (C84)
Ricercare Ensemble – Terpsichore (Praetorius) (C20)
Richard Warner – Quiet Heart & Spirit Wind (2CD) (A124)
Rinaldo Alessandrini – Vivaldi Vespri per l’Assunzione di Maria Vergine (2CD) (C85)
River of Sorrow (XRCD) (C86)
Road Runners vol 1 (Phono Music) (M26)
Robbie Williams – Greatest Hits (P80)
Robert Kyr – Unseen rain (C87)
Robin Spielberg – Spa Piano (A125)
Roger Waters – Amused To Death (R38)
Rolling Stones – Jump Back – The best Of The Rolling Stones (R11)
Rolling Stones – Let It Bleed (DSD) (R64)
Romantic Collection Vol 1 – Panpipe (A169)
Romantic Collection Vol 2 – Piano (A170)
Romantic Collection Vol 3 – Guitar (A171)
Romantic Collection Vol 4 – Harp (A172)
Ron Korb – Taming the Dragon (A126)
Rousset – French Suite (J.S. Bach) (2CD) (C88)
Roxette – Baladas En Espanol (P58)
Roxette – Collection of Roxette hits -Their 20 greatest songs (2006) (P59)
Roxette – Joyride (P83)
Roxette – Pearls Of Passion (P60)
Roxette – Tourism (P61)
Rubinstein, Reiner – Piano Concerto No 1 (Brahms) (C21)
Rush – Permanent Waves (MFSL) (R39)


Sacha Distel – Jazz Guitarist (JIP) (2CD) (J50)
Sacred Spa Series – Infinity (A127)
Sacred Spa Series – Quiet Days (A128)
Sacred Spa Series – Wrapped in Stillness (A129)
Salena Jones – Romance (J103)
Santana – The Best Of Santana (R53)
Sara K. – Tell me I´m not dreaming (P62)
Sara K. – What Matters (P63)
Sarah Brightman – A Winter Symphony (P64)
Sarah Brightman – Encore (P65)
Sarah Brightman – Harem (P66)
Sarah McLachlan – Closer (The Best Of) [Deluxe Edition 2 CD] (P67)
Sarah McLachlan – Touch (P68)
Sarah Vaughan – Sarah Vaughan’s Finest Hour (J104)
Seal – Soul (P69)
Secret Garden – Dawn of a new century (A155)
Secret Garden – Dreamcatcher (A156)
Secret Garden – Earthsongs (Limited Edition) (A157)
Secret Garden – Inside I’m Singing (A130)
Secret Garden – Once in a Red Moon (A158)
Secret Garden – Songs From A Secret Garden (A159)
Secret Garden – White Stones (A160)
Shao Rong – Orchid I (A131)
Shao Rong – Orchid II (A132)
Sheffield Lab Test Disc (High Density Gold Version) – My Disc (M27)
Shelly – Soul Rose Excel (2CD) (J51)
Silver Bells – Elegant christmas music for entertaining (A20)
Silvius Leopold – The London Manuscript (Weiss) Vol 2 (C90)
Silvius Leopold – The London Manuscript (Weiss) Vol 3 (C91)
Silvius Leopold – The London Manuscript (Weiss) Vol 4 (C92)
Silvius Leopold – The London Manuscript (Weiss) Vol 5 (C93)
Silvius Leopold – The London Manuscript (Weiss) Vol 6 (C94)
Silvius Leopold – The London Manuscript (Weiss) Vol 7 (C95)
Silvius Leopold – The London Manuscript (Weiss) Vol 8 (C96)
Silvius Leopold – The London Manuscript (Weiss) Vol 9 (C97)
Silvius Leopold – The London Manuscript (Weiss) Vol 10 (C98)
Silvius Leopold – The London Manuscript (Weiss) Vol 11 (C99)
Silvius Leopold – The London Manuscript (Weiss) Vol 12 (C100)
Simon & Garfunkel – 20 Greatest Hits (P18)
Simon & Garfunkel – Live 1969 (P19)
Sonia Prina – Arie Ritrovate (Vivaldi) (C22)
Sonic Tribe – Sonic Tribe (A133)
Sonics’ Mad Audiophile Sampler (M107)
Sonny Rollins – Way Out West (MSFL) (J105)
Spyro Gyra – A Night Before Christmas (J168)
Squarepusher – Hello Everything [Special Edition] (P70)
Stacey Kent – Breakfast On The Morning Tram (J2)
Stephane Grappelli – Plays Cole Porter (JIP) (J69)
Stephane Grappelli & Stuff Smith – Stuff And Steff (JIP) (J70)
Stereophile – Test CD 3 (M108)
Stevie Wonder – Someday At Christmas (P71)
Stevie Wonder – Talking Book (P25)
Sting – Nothing Like the Sun (R27)
Sting – The Dream of the Blue Turtles (R40)
Summer Nights (Breezy backyard classics) (J53)
Sun Ra – Atlantis (J54)
Super Sound I (FIM) (M65)
Super Sound II (FIM) (M66)
Super Sound III (FIM) (M67)
Supreme Stereo Sound Series No 1 – Red Sleeves (M68)
Supreme Stereo Sound Series No 2 – Maestoso Classic (M69)
Supreme Stereo Sound Series No 3 – European Night (M70)
Supreme Stereo Sound Series No 4 – Nightingale (M71)
Supreme Stereo Sound Series No 5 – Audiophile Voices (M72)
Supreme Stereo Sound Series No 6 – Majesty (M73)
Supreme Stereo Sound Series No 7 – Golden Lips (M74)
Susan Tedeschi – Wait For Me (J170)
Susan Wong – A Night at the Movies (J171)
Susan Wong – Close to You (J172)
Sunsan Wong – I wish you love (J169)
Susan Wong – Just a Little Bossa Nova (J173)
Susan Wong – Someone Like You (J106)
Susan Wong – These Foolish Things (J174)
Susannah McCorkle – From Broadway To Bebop (J107)


Tacet – The Best 2005 (C22)
Taiwan 2006 International Hi End Show (M75)
Take 6 – He is Christmas (P20)
Tarja Turunen – Henkays Ikuisuudesta (R41)
Tarja Turunen – My Winter Storm (R42)
Telarc – Heads Up (SACD Sampler 5) (M109)
Telarc – The Absolute Sound SACD Sampler(M76)
Teresa Tang 15th Anniversary XRCD (CJ8)
The Absolute Sound (TAS) 1996 (M77)
The Absolute Sound (TAS) 1997 (M78)
The Absolute Sound (TAS) 1998 (M79)
The Absolute Sound (TAS) 2001 (M80)
The Absolute Sound (TAS) 2003 (M81)
The Absolute Sound (TAS) 2004 (M82)
The Absolute Sound (TAS) 2005 (M83)
The Absolute Sound (TAS) 2006 (M84)
The Academy of Ancient Music – Concert for the Prince of Poland (Vivaldi) (C125)
The Beatles – Abbey Road (MSFL) (R10)
The Beatles – Christmas Album (R43)
The Beatles – The Beatles’ Second Album (R68)
The Beatles – The White Album (MSFL) (2CD) (R9)
The Bose Special Edition Lifestyle Music System CD (M110)
The Brian Setzer Orchestra – Boogie Woogie Christmas (J177)
The Cambridge Singers – Christmas Star (P72)
The Carpenters – A Kind Of Hush (P91)
The Carpenters – As Time Goes By (P92)
The Carpenters – Carpenters (P93)
The Carpenters – Close To You (P94)
The Carpenters – Lovelines (P98)
The Carpenters – Love Songs (P73)
The Carpenters – Now and Then (P95)
The Carpenters – Reflections (P99)
The Carpenters – The Singles 1969-1973 (P100)
The DALI CD – In Admiration Of Music (M111)
The Glendon Smith Quintet – Gourmet Jazz (Avalon) (J55)
The Great Jazz Trio – Direct From LA (J178)
The HI-FI sound of Latin Guitar I (A134)
The HI-FI sound of Latin Guitar III (2CD) (A135)
The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Axis-Bold as Love (R44)
The John Dentz Reunion Band – December 5 & 6 (J179)
The London Starlight Orchestra & Alex Bollard – Good Vibrations (A161)
The Millenium Classics – X (2CD) (C103)
The Music Collection Vol 1 (Naim) (M112)
The Music Collection Vol 2 (Naim) (M113)
The No 1 Opera album 2004 (2CD) (C104)
The Ray Brown Trio feat Gene Harris – Soular energy (J56)
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – The Music Of ABBA (A136)
Thelonious Monk – Brilliant Corners (J57)
The Manhattan Transfer – An Acapella Christmas (P21)
The Modern Jazz Quartet – Concorde (J82)
The Proprius Sound (FIM) (M28)
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – 50th Anniversary Commemoration (2CD) (C28)
The Spirit Of Sound I (Focal JMlab) (M85)
The Spirit Of Sound II – Tools CD (Focal JMlab) (M86)
The Spirit Of Sound III (Focal JMlab) (M87)
The Spirit Of Sound IV (Focal JMlab) (M88)
The Spirit Of Sound V (Focal JMlab) (M89)
The Spirit Of Sound VI (Focal JMlab) (M90)
The Spirit Of Sound VII (Focal JMlab) (M91)
The Sound Revolution SACD (M106)
The Super Audio Surround Collection Vol 2 (Linn Records) (M92)
The Telarc Collection Vol. 1 (C105)
The Telarc Collection Vol. 2 (C106)
The Telarc Collection Vol. 3 (C107)
The Telarc Collection Vol. 4 (C108)
The Telarc Collection Vol. 5 (C109)
The Telarc Collection Vol. 6 (C110)
The Telarc Collection Vol. 7 (C111)
The Telarc Collection Vol. 8 (C112)
The Telarc Collection Vol. 9 (C113)
The Telarc Collection Vol. 10 (C114)
The Tube Hifi Flute (A45)
This is K2 HD Sound (M93)
Tierney Sutton – Blue In Green (J175)
Tiger Okoshi – Echoes of a Note (J176)
Timofey Vinkocsky and Igor Sklyarov – Crystal Harmony (C102)
TLC – Fanmail (P81)
Tony Bennett – A Swingin’ Christmas (J58)
Tony Bennett Uplugged MTV-Tony Bennett (J59)
Toni Braxton – Libra (P10)
Toots Thielemans – Blues Pour Flirter (J60)
Trans Siberian Orchestra – Christmas Attic (R45)
Triangle – Musique (M29)
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto – Autumn In Seattle (XRCD) (J61)
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio – Girl Talk (J62)
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio – Midnight Sun(XRCD) (J108)
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio – Live In Montreux (J63)
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio – Midnight sugar (J64)


U2 – No Line On The Horizon (R8)
U2 – The Joshua Tree Collection (R65)
Ultimate Vivaldi (5CD) (C115)
Ultradisc II Sampler (MSFL) (M114)
Uttara Kuru – East Wind (A137)
VA-50 Original Classics Christmas Hit’s-(2 CD) (M10)
Vanessa Mae – Choreography (A25)
Vanessa Mae – Subject To Change (A26)
Various Artists – Cohen Covered (Mojo) (R54)
Various Artists – Jingle Bells (M11)
Various Artists – Masters of the Bow (2 CD) (C22)
Various Artists – Pesni Voennyh Let (M115)
Various Artists – The Guitar Collection (J109)
Various Artists – Works Of Art 1992 (M116)
VAS – Feast of Silence (A138)
Vivaldi Complete Oboe Concertos (3CD) (C126)
Vivaldi Operas (C116)
W.A. Mozart – Musical Masterpieces (C240)
Wang Jun – The first element VI guitar (A139)
Wedding Classics (2CD) (C117)
Whitney Houston – My Love Is Your Love (P74)
Willie Nelson – Stardust (P75)
Windham Hill – A Celtic Christmas Celebration (A140)
Wayne Shorter – Speak No Evil (RVG) (J65)
Weather Report – I Sing The Body Electric (J66)
What A Wonderful World (Sentimental Clarinet) (A18)
Wilson Audio Ultimate Reference (24 Karat GOLD DISC) (M30)
Woody Guthrie – House of the Rising Sun (P101)
WU Zhaoji – Wumen Qin Music (A141)
XLO Reference Recordings – Test & Burn-In CD (M120)
Xue Li – This Is Shirley (J180)
Xuefei Yang – 40 Degrees North (C118)
Yim Hok-Man – Master Of Chinese Percusion (XRCD) (A142)
Yoel Levi – The Planets (Holst) (C23)
Yo-Yo Ma & Friends – Songs of Joy & Peace (M117)
Zefiro Torna – El Noi de la Mare – Early music for the Christmas season (C119)
Zhang Hong Yan (Pipa) – Ambush On All Sides (A143)
Zhang Wei Liang – Taste Zen Tea (A144)
Юрий Антонов – Зеркало (P76)

4 Responses to “3-DANH SÁCH ALBUM”

  1. 1 Hồ Minh Phúc
    January 12, 2017 at 3:09 pm

    Có nhạc Việt hải ngoại không anh ạ?

  2. 2 2end
    May 19, 2009 at 12:22 am

    To Linh: Bọn mình không có Igor Krutoy bạn à, lần sau bạn có thể làm như bạn Kk nói, tức là dùng chức năng search ở ngay trên đầu trang, hoặc bạn chỉ cần xem ở vần I xem có không thôi, vì bọn mình luôn sắp xếp tên tác giả trước tên album mà
    To Kk: Thank :)

  3. 3 Linh
    May 18, 2009 at 11:12 pm

    Ban oi.Ban co album nao cua Igor Krutoy – nhac sy cua Nga k?List dai qua nen minh k tim noi..:).Cam on ban nhieu

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